Our Directors

Mike Que


After graduating from the University of California - Berkley with M.S. in Chemistry, Mike built a successful business involved in various industries globally. From real estate development in the West Indies to medical, clean energy, mining, refinery, and electric vehicles manufacturing.

As a visionary leader, in recent years he has created a portfolio of lithium mine assets across North America, Australia, South America and Africa. With these upstream lithium mines combined, particularly in Western Australia where the top spodumene resources in the world as held, he is committed to expanding his business to the downstream lithium refinery processing and eventually to the electric vehicles manufacturing as part of diversified global supply chains.

Michael Ji


Michael Ji graduated from North China Electric Power University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Engineering in Management. Michael has worked for various multi-national mining companies in senior executive roles throughout China, Mongolia and Australia.

Michael has been involved in production management and international mining resource development with over 25 years of experience, primarily in the gold, lithium, non-ferrous metal mining and processing sector. Michael has a solid reputation for achieving corporate growth objectives by providing strategic direction, diverse perspectives, and positive leadership.

He was Director and Deputy/Chief Executive Officer for Minjar Gold Pty Ltd for more than 10 years.