Manicouagan Project



The Manicouagan Project is wholly owned by Austroid Resources Canada and is located within the Outardes IV reservoir approximately 120km north of the town of Baie-Comeau (176km by road) and 575km northeast of Montreal in Manicouagan in the Côte Nord region (Figure 1).

The projects tenement package covers approximately 464km2 and comprises of 876 claims. The project is accessible by the Scierie des Outardes road and can be found on the NTS sheet 22K04 and 22K03.

The presence of pegmatite intrusions makes the area a target for further exploration and potential lithium extraction.

Figure 1  Manicouagan Project Location


The Manicouagan region in Quebec showcases diverse geology. The Manicouagan Project lies within the Grenville Province within the Manicouagan Subprovince. The Manicouagan Subprovince consists of granites with varying compositions, and intrusives like diorite and gabbro (Figure 2). The region's notable features include the Manicouagan Impact Structure, sedimentary basins, and the Central Uplift Complex. The area has a rich history of mineral exploration, with potential for gold, base metals, rare earth elements (REEs), and lithium.

Figure 2   Manicouagan Project Geology


There has been no historical lithium exploration conducted in the region. The area has been historically explored for gold, base metals, and REEs.The area is currently being explored for Graphite with the Uatnan project being in the appraisal phase.